My “first” half, 8K and everything else

Clearly I’m not getting into this blogging thing- that is going to change. The past two months have been busy. Tons of races and training it’s hard to keep up with everything.

My 8K went better than expected until the end when I got sick. I was crushing every mile until the last 1.5km when I got so sick I tossed it. It turns out I received cytomax sports drink instead of water. Even though I had a small sip it put me over the edge. But regardless of the small hiccup I finished and I am proud of my self for pushing through.

After that there was regatta after regatta and it all blended together. I did make another trip back to Victoria and I won one of my races. It was nice to leave Victoria on a happier note instead of a bittersweet one.

Then…I ran my first half! I will post a race racap soon. It was so much fun and I even broke my goal time.

I know that after I ran my first half-marathon I can complete another when I go to Florida in January. All of my training and hard work is finally paying off.


Holy cow!

Wow, I’ve been at my new job for almost a month and I can’t believe summer is over. Keeping up with life outside if work is somewhat difficult but now that I’ve adjusted to it. I actually enjoy being an adult. Not having homework or other tedious tasks to do on a regular basis makes me realize how much time there is in a day. If the weather were better it would make me more motivated to do more.

My rowing race this past weekend was canceled due to weather and my next is in October after my 8k. I played a few ultimate games in the past month. The most reccent without a sub, so that was both a work out and a challenge. Eventhough my team hasn’t won, we’ve improved leaps and bounds each game which makes me want to get in better shape. Sticking to my training schedule has been hard since the weather has been horrible. But now that my 8k race is getting closer I realize I need to workout or else I will disappoint myself. That’s the beauty of running, it’s you against the clock. No teammates, no excuses, just you and competing against yourself.

Canada here I come!