Two halfs make a whole?

I thought my first half would be the Disney World Half Marathon, but instead I ran the Seattle Half Marathon on December 1st.

Overall I’m glad I ran the Seattle Half Marathon as a training run. I had a great run and even ran up a lot of the hills. The race is pretty small since the course is so challenging and I did not have any problems with running in a large crowd. It was nice to walk down the hill to the staging area, gear check my bag, warm up and then race. There was no confusion and the crowds of people were managable.

In contrast- the Walt Disney World Half Marathon was a little too chaotic for me. Last year I raced my first ever 5K at Walt Disney World and loved it. It was laid back and even though there were a lot of people, it was not too overwhelming. A few days later I cheered on my father and friends as they raced the full marathon and was surprised by how easy the organized chaos was to navigate. But this year for the half marathon it was too much. Maybe it’s just me or it was the fact I was racing, everything just seemed more stressful and confusion.

However, I do not recommend running an official half marathon as a training run for another. I am glad I experienced an acutal timed half marathon race before I traveled to Florida, but I was sore and even more exhausted than usual afterwards. I used the Jeff Galloway training plan from runDisney, which I highly recommend, and made it easy for me to plan my workouts.

Currently, I’m hoping to complete another half, either the Portland Rock ‘n’ Roll or the Seattle, and both the St. Pattys Day Dash and the 12th Man 12K with a few other athletic endevors in between.

What races are you looking forward to?


My “first” half, 8K and everything else

Clearly I’m not getting into this blogging thing- that is going to change. The past two months have been busy. Tons of races and training it’s hard to keep up with everything.

My 8K went better than expected until the end when I got sick. I was crushing every mile until the last 1.5km when I got so sick I tossed it. It turns out I received cytomax sports drink instead of water. Even though I had a small sip it put me over the edge. But regardless of the small hiccup I finished and I am proud of my self for pushing through.

After that there was regatta after regatta and it all blended together. I did make another trip back to Victoria and I won one of my races. It was nice to leave Victoria on a happier note instead of a bittersweet one.

Then…I ran my first half! I will post a race racap soon. It was so much fun and I even broke my goal time.

I know that after I ran my first half-marathon I can complete another when I go to Florida in January. All of my training and hard work is finally paying off.